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Asker maruarts Asks:
I wanted to pick up a Sig p226 navy in .357. I hear a lot about 1911s and Glocks but not so much the Sig. Your thoughts on the 226 and .357? Please, thank you.
gunsknivesgear gunsknivesgear Said:

The Sig P226 and the .357 SIG have a great reputation.  The P266 is a proven Navy SEAL sidearm.  I don’t fire the .357 SIG often, but it is a high-energy round, almost as powerful as the 357 magnum while being more controllable.  Its downside is that it’s fairly new and relatively rare, so in a social collapse situation, finding more ammo may prove difficult.

p.s. Another downside: the 357 SIG is also much more expensive than the 9mm, so you won’t have as much ammo for practice.


Ka-Bar Big Brother.  

Colt 1911.

Springfield TRP by Palmguy.

Ruger LCR.

Love the little push knife on the lower left.

HK 45 and Hinderer Folder.


The 1911 is no longer a frontline pistol.  It can be made reliable, but at greater cost, time and effort, because of its older design.  It has a low mag capacity.  It is heavy.

Nonetheless, the pistol still thrives in the hands of specialists willing to dedicate the time and expense necessary to maintain it properly.  The slim grip fits many hands well, and the gun points naturally for many. The heavy frame soaks up the recoil of the powerful .45 rounds.  Some find the 1911’s recoil more pleasing than the snappy recoil of 9mms in light polymer pistols.  That’s why I’ve got a 1911 in my bedside drawer.  

The classic 6” Ka-Bar combat knife.  A weapon that will forever be associated with the US Marine Corps and the Pacific War.

Michelle Viscusi and her Glock 34. When she turns her head to the left you can see that little smile…  Great to see someone finding such joy in shooting.

Asker ragemovement Asks:
With the Kimber post in mind. What's your personal quality control checklist when looking at a new handgun at the counter?
gunsknivesgear gunsknivesgear Said: