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Ruger Scout Rifle with AAC Cyclone Suppressor

The “scout rifle” is a concept worth explaining again.  Basically, it is a bolt-action rifle that’s powerful, yet compact and lightweight.  A bolt-action instead of a semi-auto ensures reliability, ease of maintenance, and accuracy, especially in a survival scenario.  Its specs should be as follows:

  • not more than 1 meter overall length
  • not more than 7 pounds unloaded weight
  • a medium-power hunting/defense caliber like the .308 Win./7.62 mm NATO

Ruger is one of the few manufacturers making such a rifle.  I think the reason why this concept has not been very popular is that in today’s abundant society, you can have a specialized rifle for every task.  You can have a full-length rifle for long range work, an M-4 for defense, a low-power hunting rifle for small game, etc.

What if the abundance evaporates? What if the collapse comes, and you can have only one rifle?  If you have to trek 50 miles through wasteland carrying all your gear, and every pound on your back is literally a matter of life or death, what rifle would you carry?  You would demand a rifle that was powerful enough to protect you from threats on two legs or four; lightweight and compact enough to lug through the roughest terrain; and simple to maintain.  And that’s a scout rifle.

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    Ruger Scout Rifle with AAC Cyclone Suppressor
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