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Apocalypse Loadout, Part VI:  Tomahawk and D-Guard Bowie

My Apocalypse Loadout posts got a lot of great responses.  One of my favorites is the two-weapon loadout of salvatore5000:  a freaking D-Guard Bowie in one hand and an RMJ Tactical Tomahawk in the other.

That would be a seriously intimidating sight.  You can wrap the lanyard of the hawk around your wrist and lay the hawk across your forearm to block and parry while the bowie does its grisly work.  Using the lanyard, you can flip the hawk back into your hand for an unexpected strike.  The bowie guard can be used for shattering punches in close, and either weapon has a solid pommel for vicious hammer blows.  A very versatile loadout with threats from multiple angles. 

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