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Tacloban City Before and After Typhoon Haiyan.

November 2013. The top picture shows Tacloban, Philippines before the storm - a pretty seaside city of 220,000.  Then Haiyan came - the most powerful storm to hit land in recorded history.

By comparison, superstorm Sandy “only” had a top windspeed of 185 kph.  Haiyan reportedly had wind gusts of 380 kph, strong enough to push over concrete walls.  Basically, the eye of the storm was a 25-mile wide tornado. Driven by the wind, a 20-foot wall of water came roaring out of the bay.

With the port destroyed, the airport in shambles, roads blocked by debris, and the government paralyzed and ineffectual, only a trickle of relief could reach the city.

Mobs of hungry, thirsty, and desperate survivors roamed the debris in the aftermath, begging, looting and stealing what they could find.  Many were raped or murdered in the ruins of their homes.  

Superstorms like Sandy, Katrina and Haiyan are the new normal. Your post-apocalyptic preparations are no longer theory.  Gird your belts, the world is going to be a lot more interesting very soon… 

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